A Guide to Recognizing and Eliminating Roaches: Common Questions


Learn how to recognize and manage cockroaches to keep them out of your house or place of business.

What appearance do cockroaches have? 

Cockroaches can grow to a length of more than 50 mm (2 in), with tropical species often being bigger than those found in other regions. Six legs, two antennae, and sometimes even wings are present on cockroaches. But the majority of cockroaches with wings are not very good flyers. 

These pests have flat, oval-shaped bodies that are frequently greasy to the touch and can be either warm or chilly depending on the climate in which they live. When it comes to cockroach traps, cockroaches in the house are difficult to catch since they are adept at concealing and their eggs are naturally shielded from many over-the-counter pesticides. Cockroach pest treatment can be an uphill struggle without specialized tools, supplies, and expertise. 

How can cockroaches be eradicated? 

Even while cockroach infestations are among the most prevalent insect issues, they are also among the most tenacious. An Envirobug Professional can create a customized cockroach treatment plan that meets your needs because every home is different. 

Roaches require constant attention; it is not a one-time fix to get rid of them and keep them out of your house or building. The unique Points of Service offered by Envirobug consists of a continuous cycle of 6 essential actions that offer a successful cockroaches pest control plan for roaches and other pests. 

1. Examine: A professional will do a thorough inside and external inspection of your house to look for any signs of cockroach infestation. 

2. Protect: Using the safest techniques possible, an expert crew will apply the proper materials to the perimeter of your building and eliminate any cockroach nests that are within reach. 

3. Fortify: Our skilled crew will seal, caulk, plug, and secure any openings and cracks in order to prevent roaches from entering. 

4. Keep Watch: They’ll treat the interior of your house and put up pest monitors in important spaces like garages, utility rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

5. Report: They will always provide you a thorough report outlining the services they performed along with suggestions on how to prevent cockroaches and other pests out of your house. 

6. Follow-up: Between our regularly planned visits, specialists keep in contact and attend to any urgent requirements. 

I got cockroaches, but how? 

People frequently attribute cockroach problems on careless housekeeping. Although it is helpful and crucial to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and floors to lessen the availability of food for cockroaches, there are still other reasons why they may enter a space and start an infestation.

These pests can enter a home through drains or sewer pipes, crawl in through gaps and crevices in the exterior, or hitch a ride on infected objects brought inside. A few species of cockroaches can even fly inside when drawn to lighting. See the symptoms of a cockroach infestation. 

Cockroaches: how serious are they? 

Cockroaches are among the most prevalent pest issues, but they’re also among the most tenacious. Because the insects may hide in a variety of places, multiply swiftly, have a high capacity for reproduction, and may become resistant to insecticides, infestations can be difficult to eradicate. 

It is not safe to overlook cockroaches since they frequently contaminate food with Salmonella and E. Coli germs. Over time, exposure to dead roach bodies and excrement might even cause allergies and asthma attacks. 

What is the duration required to eradicate cockroaches? 

The type and extent of the infestation have a significant impact on how long it takes to eradicate a cockroach infestation from your house. Using a lot of over-the-counter products to combat a cockroach infestation frequently ends in failure. Because of their great adaptability, these pests may even be immune to some do-it-yourself cockroach removal techniques. 

What is the cockroach life cycle? 

To become adults, cockroaches go through egg and nymphal phases. The hardy egg casings called oothecae encapsulate the eggs produced by female cockroaches. Depending on the species, oothecae of cockroach species have varying numbers of nymphs. The duration required for eggs to develop into nymphs varies among species and is influenced by external factors. 


The egg casings that female cockroaches manufacture are called oothecae. Oothecae are covered with a protein material that progressively solidifies into a robust, protective shell, and they hold a large number of eggs. While some species of cockroaches carry the egg casing until the eggs are ready to hatch, others discard it. 


Together, the hatchlings within nymph cockroach eggs exert pressure that causes the eggs to hatch. This young cockroach is referred to as a nymph or baby cockroach after it emerges from the egg case, or ootheca. Nymphs are first entirely white in hue. With the intake of air, they increase, and in a matter of hours, they will harden and darken. 

The hue of cockroach nymphs is grayish-brown, and it gets darker with each successive molt. The time it takes for a nymph to mature might vary from several months to more than a year. Nymph cockroaches resemble their adult counterparts. Nymphs of cockroaches go through several molts. After their last molt, they emerge as fully grown adults. 


The adult cockroach enters the scene once the nymph stage is over. Larger size and the existence of wings are two characteristics that set adults of many species apart from nymphs. Some cockroach species, such as the Madagascar hissing cockroach, do not have wings at all as adults. 

How do I eradicate cockroaches? 

Your home might suffer greatly from cockroaches. In order to defeat cockroaches, you need be aware of the following: 

Entry: Cockroaches can enter your home through a variety of openings, including vents, sewage and drain pipes, and gaps and crevices on the outside. We even carry them with us on our person and on items like boxes, purses, and grocery bags! 

Ideal Environment: For some cockroach pest species, your house is the perfect breeding environment. They can stay active throughout the year if they have access to lots of food, warmth, water, and nesting places. 

Reproduction occurs swiftly in cockroaches. There may be countless numbers of people hiding and proliferating behind your walls for each person you see. 

Evasiveness: Since most cockroaches are nocturnal, it’s likely that you haven’t seen them all. If there aren’t many cockroaches during the day, it’s conceivable that overpopulation drove them off, which might indicate a serious infestation. 

Allergies and asthma: The material left behind by dead cockroaches, droppings, and cast-off skins can exacerbate allergies, particularly in young children and delicate people. 

Ineffectiveness of doing it yourself: Cockroaches are better at concealing than you are, and several over-the-counter pesticides naturally shield their eggs from harm. Cockroach control can be an uphill struggle without specialized tools, supplies, and expertise. 

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