Most Common Dater Archetypes You Can Meet Online


Nowadays, everyone and everything is going online. If you keep stumbling upon similar people when navigating dating platforms, the reason might be that you’re attracted to the same dating archetype again and again. And once you become aware that it’s not entirely your fault that you can’t find the ideal match, dating becomes simpler.

Significance of Recognizing These Archetypes

We’ll list 8 most common types of daters later in the article, but in the meantime we want to look at the benefits of recognizing them.

  • Improved Compatibility – if you know which category you’re in, you know who to look for, so you get more dates
  • Effective Communication – if you know what the person on the other side of the chat wants, you can make it clear if your desires align
  • Avoiding Frustration – if you know yourself and your potential partner’s dating archetype, you’re less likely to start relationships that will bring negative emotions.
  • Empathy and Understanding – you’ll be less judgmental towards people in different archetypes.
  • Personal Growth – if you recognize yourself as a Ghoster, you may want to work on your communication skills, and that may help you in other areas of life

Now, the thing you’ve been waiting for: the archetypes.

The Casual Explorer

The casual explorer approaches online dating with a laid-back attitude and a desire for casual connections or exploration. They are not seeking a committed relationship and are open to meeting new people for fun or hookups. This archetype values freedom and independence. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love. But guys who find girls for hookups on don’t seek long-term relationships. They want to use geolocation, find the closest matches, get on a video call, meet in person, spend a night together, and then move. For them, dating is not about going in the same direction with anyone but about the freedom to date whoever and whenever they want.

The Eternal Optimist

Did you watch How I Met Your Mother? Great, as this can be explained in 2 words – Ted Mosby. The Eternal Optimist approaches online dating with unbridled enthusiasm and positivity. They believe in the power of love and are always hopeful that each new connection will lead to a meaningful relationship. The eternal optimist tends to see the best in people and situations. And since they always wear their hearts on their sleeves, Optimists tend to get hurt, but that doesn’t shake their optimism. They have more luck on sites for serious dating or general sites. Yet, it’s not unusual for Optimists to engage in hookups.

The Serial Monogamist

The Serial Monogamist is similar to The Eternal Optimist, but in some ways more successful. They believe in love and look for someone special. But they get cold feet after the initial flame of excitement extinguishes. So they break up and get back to looking for a partner. And Serial Monogamists are usually very attractive and charming, so they don’t spend time single unless it’s their choice.

The Hopeless Romantic

The Hopeless Romantic is a less successful Eternal Optimist, or a combination of both. They are guided by a strong belief in true love and soulmates. They are drawn to grand gestures, romantic ideals, and fairy-tale endings. For people who don’t know them well, Hopeless Romantics can look like they think that life is a romantic movie. Falling in love quickly and deeply is one of their most dangerous traits. It leads to occasional heartbreaks. However, they get back up because they know someone special is out there waiting for them.

The Social Butterfly

Butterflies may seem very similar to Casual Explorers, but they aren’t necessarily looking only for casual dates with boys and girls. They are just outgoing and charismatic and enjoy engaging in lively conversations. Social interactions and meeting new people are their favorite hobbies. But they can still stay faithful in a committed relationship.

The Skeptic

The Skeptic approaches everything with a dose of caution and skepticism. That’s why Skeptics take longer to open up in a relationship. And they usually get better results online than offline (possibly because it’s easier to lower their guards when they’re chatting than in person). But they may still insist on a video call to ensure they aren’t being catfished. If you’re a Skeptic, try not to project the past into the present. And if you’re dealing with a Skeptic, show them that they are worthy of a better future.

The Workaholic Seeker

This archetype is dedicated to their career and may struggle to find time for dating. They are ambitious, driven, and focused on their goals. Workaholic Seekers most likely prefer to find hookups over committed relationships. They like meeting new people and love to save time. And they usually use online dating as a convenient way to do both.

The Ghoster

The Ghosters stop chatting with no explanation or warning. They may seem enthusiastic about a connection but then suddenly disappear, leaving the other side confused and frustrated. This archetype may struggle with commitment or confrontation, so they disappear when something disturbs them.

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